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Meet Kate

As a Certified Webinar Specialist & Digital Marketing Maven, Kate has spent the last 5 years in the trenches discovering the latest and greatest tools and techniques to achieve true webinar success. Kate takes great pride in her work as a strategist and change-maker supporting entrepreneurs as they take on the webinar world with confidence and ease.

Founder of the, Webinar Mapping Method, Kate has made planning and implementing webinars a breeze with her signature 7-step system taking clients from webinar idea to implementation roadmap in less than 24hrs.

As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, Kate knows the importance of simplicity and ease when it comes to implementing new business tactics. It is her mission to change the face of webinars and open the doors for all entrepreneurs to discover that webinars are not just for 6-figure businesses and beyond and can create massive impact for all businesses and brands regardless of their size or marketing know-how. Just ask how!